Comedy about Ashley a disenfranchised Croydon ‘rude boy’, and Gideon, Eton and Oxbridge-educated and crypto-currency literate – who are suddenly forced to live under the same roof and behave like the brothers neither of them have ever wanted after Ashley’s Dad Toby, a working class, left wing South Londoner, falls in love with Imogen (Gideon’s Mother), an upper class, sharp, funny, property developer. 
 They literally experience how the other half live. Ashley’s brash attitude belies both insecurity and envy of Gideon, who in turn, is secretly impressed by what he believes to be Ashley’s streetwise sense and knowledge of urban culture. Toby resents his newfound enjoyment of the finer things in life while Imogen finds Toby’s stories of being a working-class hero intriguing and endearing. 
Programme Information
A Golden Path Production 
Broadcaster: BBC
Writers: Ivo Graham, Elliot Steel, Mark Steel, Barry Castagnola

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