Zoe is single and a low level criminal defence lawyer. Her co-workers are all female and from a different generation to each other and Zoe. Three generations of women all with wildly different outlooks on the world. Alexa is 28, hugely ambitious, bit of a snob and full of enthusiasm and she hopes she will not end up like Zoe, who in turn hopes she won’t end up like Georgina, 55, always late, coarse, frequently pissed and a serial dater/shagger. 
Zoe’s shares her flat with her lodger/nephew Grayson, a 20-something trendy chef forever banging on about the latest street food trends and pop up restaurants. Rounding out the cast of the show are her circle of friends. An eclectic mix of Brighton characters. Many of them pursuing freelance creative careers from cupcake making to dog fashion accessories. Her friends envy her job security and she in turn envies their apparent freedom. Zoe’s oldest pal Freddie, is a no-nonsense, cigar-smoking upper-class lesbian antique dealer; always on hand to offer Zoe extraordinarily inappropriate advice and life-lessons. 

Programme Information:
A Golden Path Production 
Broadcaster: BBC
Writer: Zoe Lyons

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