Craig Archer grew up poor, in a single parent family, in a notoriously rough part of Nottingham. Despite his mum's best efforts, and eventual desperate pleas, the shy, anxious and easily led Craig couldn't seem to function in school, was expelled three times and began getting in trouble with the law. It seemed his future was bleak.
Until he found the Workshop. Or to be more precise, until Ian, the founder of The Workshop, found him. Or to be more precise still, until Ian found Craig spraying the word 'Cocksuker' on the Workshop wall and grabbed him by the collar. After watching Craig spin a compelling, intricately plotted story about how, although he was holding the spraycan, and although he had paint on his hands, and despite the fact that Ian had actually seen him do it, it clearly wasn't actually him- Ian laughed, invited him in, and Craig's life changed. Now, aged forty-nine, with a successful haulage business, a wife his friends can't stop staring at, his and hers Range Rovers and a massive house full of expensive sports memorabilia, Craig Archer's got it all. A life he'd never even dreamed was possible. And all of it, he believes, down to the skills and lessons he learned at the Workshop. So, Craig decides to go back. Back to the Workshop, back to where it all began. He calls the new, much beleaguered group leader Ben, tells him who he is and asks if he can come back and get involved, run a couple of sessions, become a bit of a mentor, maybe even put his hand in his pocket and help them out financially. He's going to use his knowledge, his wealth and his energy to help the kids- just like he was helped all those years ago. And he feels great. It feels great to be giving something back. And it shouldn't take too long. Impart some wisdom, show them what's possible, splash a bit of cash around. A couple of sessions, get it out of his system, and then back home. Easy, right?
Programme Information
A Golden Path Production 
Broadcaster: BBC
Writer: Pete Jackson

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